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Improving the Quality of Life The story behind the Care HandOff Platform

Solving an Age Old Problem through Experience

Our founder took care of both his father and mother at the end of their life. Throughout the process of increasingly complex healthcare and status, Rich worked with his siblings and cousins to create a loving caring team along with their home care aide, Jennifer, physicians, visiting nurses, physical therapists and hospice nurses and aides.

Along this journey he discovered that no one is as invested in our parents’ care as we were and that we need to own the monitoring of their daily care and health status if we wanted to keep them feeling well and out of the hospital.

Costly End of Life Care Families are left responsible for large and often hidden rehabilitation costs leaving a heavy burden
Readmission Rates Lack of effective discharge plans cause a revolving door of injury and repeat admissions
Limited Access to Data Spouses and families are left feeling in the dark without critical documentation to track progress
Divided Care Teams Increased visits from doctors begins to create overlap making care inefficient, costly and complex

Home Care Made Simple HandOff is bridging the Gap Between Medical and Non-Medical Care

  • Unite Care Teams

    Families, clinicians and private pay-aides are united into a collaborative, connected, and data driven team.

  • Real Time Documentation

    Our accurate record keeping platform allows you to track the care routines and health data that matters most to your loved one's progress.

  • Reduce Hospital (re)Admissions

    Simple checklist-driven care plans and status alerts catch problems early and reduce hospitalizations.

  • Simplified Distance Care

    Our innovative secure cloud-based mobile platform enables teams to execute, track and share data from across the globe.

  • Better Physician Care

    Home care histories that are accurate and accessible ensure nothing is overlooked during appointments with Doctors and Nurses.

  • More Time-Less Stress

    Eliminate acrimony and focus your love where it is needed, knowing that the structures for success are in place.

The Care Team Dashboard

Get a current snapshot of your loved one's status with just the click of a button. The Care Team Dashboard gives family and providers access to important schedules, appointments, tasks, and details related to the patient's daily status.

Customized Plans Configure the Daily Care Checklist to include specific status inputs, routines and key health indicators.
Monitor Daily Status Keep track of the patient's daily tasks, comments and vitals with this easy-to-read interface.

Track Changes Daily

with our Easy-to-Use 'Daily Care Checklist' Method

Our simple front-end interface is designed to work seamlessly on any smart phone, desktop computer or internet-compatible device. With dozens of daily tasks, routines, and medical tests to chose from, HandOff has made tracking and sharing important data completely pain-free.

  • Manage Calendar Appointments
  • Plan Daily Care Routines
  • Record Key Health Indicators
  • Track Patient's Feedback
  • Diagnosis Specific Checklists
  • Simple Dashboard Interface
  • Mobile Device Friendly
  • Access Cloud-Based Platform
  • Share Data with Clinicians
  • Create & Manage Care Teams

Distance Care Made Simple with Teamwork

Helping care for family members is stressful, confusing work. Success lies in the ability to ask for, get and coordinate help. HandOff helps to create a team, broadcast the patient's needs, and send messages so that family members can focus energies where it is needed most.

When Home Care is Left in the Open

Life is Better! Enjoy Peace of Mind knowing that your loved ones are in the right hands

Who Uses HandOff? It takes a loving family to care for a senior patient. And the effort does not stop there. HandOff has been found to integrate seamlessly, create partnership, and provide strategic value to the workflow of a variety of organizations.

Family Caregivers

Our easy-to-read dashboard provides a simple method for any family caregiver to record, track and share daily changes in health status with the entire care team.
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Home Care Agencies

Our mobile enabled care plans are a game-changer for Agencies who want to streamline operations, manage regulatory risk, drive new referrals and partner with value-based payers.
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Now it’s simple for Hospitals to give families and PAC facilities a clear, actionable, and accessible care plan with a daily checklist that improves outcomes and reduces readmission penalties.
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HandOff increases patient compliance with care plans and provides care histories to improve practice productivity – during office visits and “crisis calls.”
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While Each Person Can't Always Be There


Take HandOff mobile and feel safe anywhere in the world knowing that you will always be able to make a difference in your loved one's well-being. HandOff is now compatible with all internet compatible devices.

Need help? Call our support team at (844) 442-6363  

About HandOff

HandOff is a record keeping tool to reduce hospital readmission among the elderly due to lack of reliable daily care and health status tracking. HandOff enables families to share real-time care data and histories with each other as well as their clinical care team.

HandOff unites spouses, adult children and private-pay aides together into a collaborative, connected, and data-driven team to reduce costs and improve outcomes for patients, families, and providers.


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